The "Knots" Of Attachment

When Kundalini reaches Ajna Chakra, one is beyond the tattvas, or elements,
and is established in one's own self. The trap of emotional ups and downs ends.
In tantra the "three knots" are now untied.

Brahma Granthi
is related to the physical body, to the world of names and forms.
Vishnu Granthi is related to the astral body and to the world of emotions.
Rudra Granthi is related to the causal body and to the world
of thought, ideas, visions, and intuitions.

Brahma Granthi The Knot of Brahma
Vishnu Granthi The Knot of Vishnu
Rudra Granthi The Knot of Rudra, or Shiva)

Brahma Granthi is the first knot and is located in the first chakra, the Muladhara. Brahma is the creator of this world of names and forms. This is the first obstacle in the growth of the spiritual aspect of the individual self, or jiva. It obstructs Kundalini's path as she begins to move toward the higher centers.

This world of names and forms enters us through five sense organs eyes, ears, nose, tongue, and skin. Ambitions and desires traps the mind. Till one unties this knot one cannot meditate effectively. This knot creates restlessness and prevents the mind from becoming one pointed. By the practice of nadi shodhana, the energy rises and one can untie the knot. "Restraints," should be practiced, a stable asana Posture one can sit for an extended periods of time


Vishnu Granthi is located in the area of "Anahata" heart chakra the next obstacle. Lord Vishnu is the lord of preservation. This knot creates the desire to preserve ancient knowledge, traditions, institutions, and spiritual orders. It produces "compassion", attachment to the cosmic Good, and a keen desire to help suffering humanity. Binding one to spiritual organizations and orders. Discriminating, knowledge, and faith can untie the Knot of Vishnu and realize the purpose behind the Cosmos, which is a part of the Divine plan.

One can become liberated from the traditional bonds that are deep seated within the genetic code. Through Yoga it is possible to transcend the genetic code to complete freedom. The individual ego dissolves here and the will of the Divine prevails. Not responsible to the particulars of the world of names and forms, fully comprehending its illusory nature. Without further creating karmas that will bring one back to this world.

Rudra Granthi is located in the area of the "Ajna" or Third eye. The last knot. When Kundalini ascends Vishuddha Chakra and reaches Ajna Chakra, and beyond the five elements of earth, water, fire, air, and akasha. From the tattvas the whole world of names and forms evolves and in tattvas it dissolves. It is tattvas that continuously change the chemical makeup of the physical body and bring emotional fluctuations and attachments in the individual self.

After crossing the fifth chakra Kundalini moves to the sixth, where the tattvas merge into their source, Maha Tattva. Here the Ida and Pingala nadis cross over each other and disintegrate in the left and right nostrils, respectively. As lunar and solar channels, Ida and Pingala are time bound. After this plexis in Ajna Chakra, the time bound consciousness dissolves, and one establishes himself in Infinity. This knot then unties itself, and is able to ascend with it's moving energy into the Soma Chakra.




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