The Mental Body.
Our thoughts, ideas and our rational and
intuitive perceptions are all borne by the
mental body. Its vibrations are higher than
those of the ethereal and astral bodies
and its structure is less dense
It is oval in shape, and as the person advances to a higher plane,
its volume may increase to the point where it takes up about as much space
as the astral body and the emotional aura combined. The aura radiation
of the mental body exceeds these by several yards.

In the case of a mentally low-developed person, the mental body has the appearance of a milky white substance. Its few colors are muted and dull and its structure appears to be relatively impermeable. The more alive a person's thoughts are and his deeper awareness is the clear and more intensely the colors of the mental body will glow.

Just like the astral body, the mental body possesses both higher and a lower octave. Its lower frequencies are expressed by the linear thinking of the rational mind, the approach adopted by most people to truth. This kind of mental activity is based on perceptions at the physical level, whereby information is taken on by the physical body and its senses and transferred to the astral body via the ethereal body.

The astral body translates the information into feelings and passes them on to the mental body. Which in turn reacts by formulating corresponding verbal thoughts. Through the influence of the astral body and its unresolved emotional patterns, the information is frequently distorted and thinking becomes biased. Repetitive thought patterns arise which are used by us to evaluate happenings in our world . This means that the rational mind can practically be never unbiased and neutral although it claims this of itself

Thoughts that arises in the mental body in this manner generally have to do with personal well-being and concerns regarding worldly matters. In this process the main function of the mental body is increasingly concerned with providing rational solutions to problems. This, however, is a distortion of its original character and a limitation of its capabilities. The function the mental body is actually meant to fulfill is of taking up the universal truths reaching it from the plane of the spiritual body and integrating them with the rational mind. This in turn is meant apply these truths to concrete situations and bring about solutions in harmony with universal law.

The knowledge that comes to us in this manner from the spiritual plane of our being expresses itself in the form of intuition and sudden insights such as images or sounds, that are then transformed into verbal thoughts. It gives us insight into the true nature of things and is holographic in nature, as opposed to the linear comprehension origination from the rational mind.

The higher octave of the mental body can be reached via a connection of the third eye chakra with the crown chakra. At higher and higher levels of activation the The Arc of Covenant is formed. The fourth eye is completely activated and it releases a rainbow light which goes from the 4th eye to the third.

Higher level, multi-dimensional connection comes into the fourth. The fourth sends out that light which is received into the third which is your physical connection. The light is going from the crown to your third eye. This is called the Arc of Covenant. A rainbow light that is sent out so that you can connect with your multi-dimensional self. Once the mental body is fully developed it becomes the mirror of the spiritual body, and the person realizes the wisdom and holistic cognition of the Higher Self in his life.

The Spiritual Body


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