Understanding Reality and Dimensions

Dharma and Creation:
According to the Vedas, the universe was sung into being.

Ancient wisdom of the Sanatana Dharma states that first there was Light and then Sound.
The medium of creation is "conscious sound vibration." Sound at different pitch,
causes the atoms to dissociate at the weaker bonds of the whole mass and
separation can occur, wherein different forms are created.

"Vibrations causes separation,"
Instead of listening to a "random" sound which is not controlled, one should instead
create/control the same internal reverberating tone, and so we emulate the sound
through the chanting of Om.
Chanted at different pitch of sound and becoming
experienced in the resonance, the speed of thought, time would stand still.
Traveling in excess of the speed of light. Those who meditate talk about
how it would seem one was gone for hours, in far off places into worlds
that did not exist in our solar system, and one would come back to the
physical plane, only an hour or so had gone by


What Does Science Say?



Sound has a vibration as well and since sound has a near infinite range of vibrations, it is indeed connected with all matter. Scientists aren't the only ones who acknowledge that sound is related to all matter;

Vibrations and Resonance

Many talk about the message for man was to start "focusing his mind to tap into a wealth of multidimensional ideas". We search in the physical level by using various methods of gadgets, sound magnifiers and other such equipment."Multidimensional" is of another perspective, and the effects of "multidimensional!" is the resonance of listening and
Resonance is when one object vibrating at the same natural frequency
of a second object forces that second object into vibration motion.

It seems important! to know that all matter have a vibration pattern, from the smallest subatomic particle to the collections of particles that make up humans, the planet, the universe, and all that there is. A vibration is measured by its frequency, or cycles.
Depending on how many times it vibrates in a given time is its frequency.


The Electromagnetic Spectrum and Magnetic Field

The Electromagnetic Spectrum (ES) Is a different types of radiation.This is a band of measured
waves, beginning at the radio waves, infra red waves, the visible "light" waves, ultra violet waves,
x-ray waves and gamma ray waves. Cosmic rays aren't included in the ES because they are not radiation, but instead are high-energy charged particles that travel through space at nearly the
speed of light. Their extremely high energies are comparable to those of gamma rays at the
upper end of the electromagnetic spectrum. The highest energy cosmic rays originate
outside our galaxy and provide information on distant objects such as quasars.
Cosmic rays are detected when they hit the upper atmosphere, creating
showers of particles in their interaction with atoms. These secondary
particles can then be detected by instruments on the ground.

Towards the center of the ES band, is a tiny segment known as "light" waves, which are still electromagnetic in form, and these light waves are the only visible light that the human eye
can "see". The human eye can perceive a range of 3,600 to 7,600 angstrom units. Above
or below that, the electromagnetic waves can not be seen. It is this very small segment
of wave frequencies that we can see and hear, that makes other non-seen worlds
plausible. We could quite possible be overlapping other worlds where we
could not see them, or they us.

If another world existed at a higher or lower
vibrational rate (dimension) then this would be possible.

Magnetic Field
Anytime there is a flow of electrons, there is a magnetic field created around that flow,
and anytime there is magnetism, it creates a flow of electricity. It is the reduction of that
electricity that allows the inner sounds to begin resonating.


Electrical and Magnetic Forces

Magnetism and electricity
are closely related phenomena

Electric charge is a fundamental property of matter. Matter is made up of electrons, neutrons,
and protons. Electrons have a negative electric charge, while protons have a positive
electric charge; neutrons have no electric charge. These tiny particles are the
building blocks of atoms. An atom has a net positive or electric charge when
it loses one of its electrons or gains an extra electron. On the other hand,
magnetic charges do not exist - Magnetic fields are generated
solely by moving electric charges.

An example of the relationship between magnetism and electricity is the Lorentz Force.
The most significant relationship between electricity and magnetism is light, is known
to physicists as an electromagnetic wave. Light waves are oscillating patterns of
electric and magnetic fields, propagating through space at the speed of light.
Light is the best known example, but microwaves, radio waves, X-rays,
infrared and ultraviolet light are also electromagnetic waves. Electric
and Magnetic phenomena are intricately described by a collection
of physical laws, known as Maxwell's equations


The Philadelphia Experiment
In 1943, an experiment was conducted upon a small destroyer escort ship during World War II,both in the Philadelphia Naval Yard and at sea; the goal was to make that ship invisible to enemy detection.
It was also claimed that the Philadelphia Experiment was partly an investigation into how Albert Einstein's "Unified Field Theory for Gravitation and Electricity" might be used to advantage in the development of electronic camouflage for ships at sea. It is believed that the mechanism
involved was the generation of an incredibly intense magnetic field around the ship,
which would cause refraction or bending of light or radar waves around the ship.


The Polar Molecule Movement

Now, not all molecules behave the same, in terms of their magnetic properties. Some molecules are
like little magnets, while others do not show magnet-like properties. The magnet-like molecules are
the so-called "polar" molecules, while the others are called "non-polar" molecules. It is easy to
check the difference between both kinds of molecules. The microwaves are nothing
but rapid electromagnetic pulses that change the orientation of the tiny
magnet -like polar molecules, many times per second.
The more polar a molecule is,the more heat it will pick up.


Time Dilation

Einstein's Theory of Relativity called Time Dilation. Time Dilation states that if someone were able to travel at the speed of light, time would stop. Since no one can actually travel that fast, the rule has been explained as time dilation: the faster one travels, the slower time moves. This means that if someone is moving quickly through space, time compensates for that motion--for according to the Special Theory of Relativity, the laws of physics are the same no matter what a person's speed.

. Using extremely accurate atomic clocks, physicists found that time actually moved slower on fast moving airplanes. The slowing of time does not become humanly noticeable until speeds close to the speed of light are obtained.


Parallel Universes

Some physicists have been flirting with this since the 50's in an attempt to make concrete and rational some of the bizarre findings of quantum physics and general relativity. In essence, parallel universe theory suggests the existence of worlds within our technologically -extended senses, that must connect or relate with our own.For instance violet is violet and falls within the physical electromagnetic spectrum range.If it vibrated outside of the color spectrum then it wouldn't be a color! It would be an ultra violet, or some other form of radiation.

Parallel universes would have their own people, things, laws of physics, etc.there are many subtle planes or universes to consider and each level has a corresponding vehicle and unique properties. The physical has the earth body with it's own laws of gravity, electromagnetic spectrum, etc. It maybe that the etheric has the etheric body with its laws and the astral has the astral body, etc. There is some sort of portal from one plane to the next when the right resonance is met.


Metaphysical or a Scientific Theory?

String Theory

A scientific theory supported by great physicists such as Stephen Hawking.
It points to a theory of multiple dimensions.

String theory is an attempt to create a
"Theory of Everything"
a theory that unifies the gravitational, electromagnetic, weak, and strong forces.

Originally there were five separate string theories, each one of them working in different situations. The basis of the string theory is that all matter is composed of strings.

The strings themselves are the smallest possible particles. Strings can be open or closed. Closed strings have the shape of a circle or oval, and open strings have ends.A string occupies one single point in space-time at any one time. Its path through time can be shown in a space Vs time graph, and is called a worldsheet.

The superstring theory can describe the three forces (electroweak, strong nuclear, and gravitational). As recently as 1994 the various string theories were unified into a single "M-theory". M-theory states that there are eleven dimensions and not just the 4 that we currently are aware of!

It is suggested that each dimension could be "curled" up into an extremely tiny ball, which we could obviously not detect. In string theory, this is what has happened to the other seven dimensions. It is theorized that they curled up just after the Big Bang. It is possible that if some variables in the Big Bang were different to what they turned out to be, some or all of these extra dimensions would have expanded.

String theory also states that the electroweak and strong forces have the same strength as an energy of 1016GeV, and that gravity as well will have the same strength at 1019GeV. If all the forces have the same strength, an equation can be written to describe them. That's the theory. At this stage, no one knows what will happen if a particle accelerator could produce the required energies.

There are experiments in conducting high-energy collisions at increasingly powerful particle accelerators. Such collisions could yield the telltale
signs of higher dimensions...


Could it not be possible then, that worlds such as the astral and mental, currently undetectable to modern scientific tools, exist in these other theorized dimensions? These strings are vibrational in nature. Anyone who has ever consciously detached themselves from
the physical shell feels incredible vibrations, crackling and popping.

It is the raising of our vibrations
that allows us to access these higher worlds.
Are we in reality "uncurling" these strings and
entering the lower of these 7 dimensions?



Building bridges with Light and Sound


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