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The Ascended Masters are our older brethren, highly evolved souls, also known as the Illumined Ones or the Elect. Those who have incarnated on Earth have been great teachers, prophets, leaders or creative artists. Because they have been so much more evolved than we are and have, therefore, seen life with Divine understanding they have acted and spoken differently from the average human being. As a result many of them have been martyred, ridiculed and put to death. Only subsequently have they been deified or turned into saints. They have paved the way for us and we are assured that as our turn comes to ascend we will have an easier passage.

In order to help us now many of the Ascended Masters are communicating telepathically with people whose vibrations are high enough to receive their messages. As more individuals are becoming enlightened and dedicating themselves to the spiritual path, the Illumined Ones are able to impress or channel through them great waves of light, hope, inspiration and truth. When we are ready for the responsibility which is inherent in working with the Illumined Ones they will guide and assist us in our evolution. In the past this is something that only happened to the very few who were aware and pure enough to tune in to their broadcast. Now it is available to us as soon as we raise our vibrational frequency high enough. These are some of the Ascended Masters on whom you may call for help.


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